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Teaching to save babies

Two Rotarian pediatricians – one in Ethiopia and the other in California – connected to save babies’ lives with the help of a vocational training

Go on journey with polio vaccinator in Uganda

Climb every mountainA Rotaractor ventures deep into her native Uganda with a polio vaccination team as part of Rotary’s newest virtual reality film, Two Drops of

Brazil Rotary member on mission to eliminate hepatitis

Our worldMission to eliminate hepatitisIn 2010, Humberto Silva was getting ready to travel from Brazil to South Africa to watch his country’s soccer team play in


Goshen Rotary Gives $300. to The Child Care Council of Orange County

The Board recently voted to award The Child Care Council of Orange County $300.The Child Care Council of Orange County, Inc. is a private, non-profit 501c3 organization that functions to coordinate, assist, and strengthen child care. Meeting the child care needs of working parents is critical to the economy of Orange County. We provide the following resource and referral services:

·         assess and develop child care

·         assist parents, businesses, and organizations with child care information and referrals

·         training and technical assistance for child care providers



Goshen Rotary Gives
to the Community

Goshen Senior Center, Program Coordinator Bonnie Mayefsky receives a $500 check from President-Elect Mark Gargiulo
Goshen Cub Scout Pack 62 Master, Tara Connell receives a check for $250 from Rolly Peacock, Treasurer
Goshen Boy Scout Troop 62, Treasurer Debbie Gitner receives a check for $250 from Rolly Peacock, Treasurer
Goshen Volunteer Ambulance Corp (GOVAC), George Lyons receives a check for $250 from Rolly Peacock, Treasurer
The Goshen Rotary Scholarship Fund Committee awarded this year:
  • 4 - $1500. scholarships for 4 years
  • 1 - $1000. scholarship   for 4 years
  • 1 - $2000. single scholarship for a total of $30,000.
The Goshen Rotary granted the The Goshen Rotary Scholarship Fund $3500.
Orange & Ulster BOCES, "Take-a-Book, Leave-a-Book Project" - $500.
Mental Health Association of Orange County - $250.
The Rotary Foundation - $3000.
First Presbyterian Church of Goshen - $250.
SUNY Orange Foundation - $1000
House on The Hill - Agri-Business Child Development - $250
Dominican Hall Adult Program - $250.
Village of Goshen Police
- $150.
Cataract Engine
& Hose Fire Company
- $250.
Winslow Therapeutic
Riding Center - $100.
Color for Kids Program - $250
Goshen Food Pantry - $500
Town of Goshen Police - $150
That's $41,650 to our Community!

Darcie Miller on Opioid Problem in Orange County

Today’s guest was Darcie Miller, Orange County Commissioner of Social Services and Mental Health, who spoke on the rising opioid problem in Orange County and the country at large. She began her talk with some startling statistics: in 2012, when the crisis was first beginning to be recognized, fifty people in Orange County died of opioid-related overdoses. By 2017 that number had risen to ninety-nine. Ms. Miller asserts that addiction is a chronic disease, no different in its essentially physical basis than something like diabetes. Dopamine, a compound produced in the brain’s pleasure center--and, in fact, directly related to the experience of euphoria--is vastly increased by the presence of opioids in the body. As an example, Ms. Miller asked the members of the club to think of how we would feel on the best day of our lives. Now multiply that by over a hundred: that’s how dramatically opioids raise dopamine levels in the brain. As the brain gets accustomed to the artificially high levels of dopamine subsequent to longer-term opioid use, the body produces less and less of the compound naturally. This leads the opioid user down the path of addiction because now they must ingest a substance to raise their dopamine levels to a point that allows them to get out of bed in the morning.
Ms. Miller is a strong advocate for the medical management of addiction. Medical treatment (medication) coupled with cognitive-behavioral therapy has an efficacy rate of around 75% while treatment without these modalities has about an 8% chance of success. Ms. Miller feels strongly that a major obstacle for people getting the treatment they need can be traced back to misguided societal stigmas attached to drug use and addiction. People need to be educated that addiction is a physical disease requiring a medical response, deserving just as much compassion as any other malady. We must get past the traditional narrative of addiction as a moral failing and see it for what it is, a physical illness that can respond well to the right kind of treatment.
If you, or somebody you know is struggling with addiction, please contact the Orange County Mental Health Department at 845.291.2600.

Outreach Program, Rotary Club of Warwick & Rotary Club of Goshen


On Saturday, 5/12/18, members of The Rotary Club of Goshen, NY met with members of The Rotary Club of Warwick (and lots of students and others) at the Warwick Valley High School. After a brief training session by Ted Swartwood (Regional Manager for Outreach) we all manned the five production lines to mix, measure, seal and box 22,000 meals to fight hunger. The Outreach program delivers these meals to local and international agencies for distribution to the needy.

The Outreach Program is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation that organizes food packaging events around the country. With more than 330 million meals packaged to date, the organization’s mission is to provide safe waterfood, medical care, and education to those in need, at home and abroad.


Goshen Rotary Inducts Neal Frishberg

Goshen Rotary Club President James O'Donnell (right) welcomes new Rotarian Neal Frishberg (center). Neal is an attorney in private practice in the Village of Goshen, and was sponsored by Mark Thabet (left). Neal received his Rotary lapel pin, an official certificate of induction which immortalizes the date he entered the Club and a copy of The Four Way Test, which is the guiding principles of Rotary. We currently have 42 active members and welcome any interest from individuals and business/corporations in the area. Contact the Club at or Rotary Club of Goshen NY @ P.O. Box 563, Goshen, NY 10924

Goshen Rotary Club Sponsors $500 BOCES Vocational Award

   The Rotary Club of Goshen is committed to active participation in Rotary International's Five Avenues of Service: International Service, Community Service, Youth Service, Vocational Service and Club Service. As part of that commitment, Goshen Rotary's President James O'Donnell has announced that the Club will sponsor a $500 Vocational Award to a graduating student in BOCES' Career and Technical Center again this year. This is a merit and need-based Award and while a recipient from the Goshen School District is preferred, the final choice will be made by BOCES staff from all CTEC graduates. President O'Donnell said "Our Board is pleased to be able to sponsor this Award again at the 2018 graduation ceremony, and we hole it will give the recipient a head-start in persuing his/her vocational career." BOCES administrators have thanked Goshen Rotary for it's steadfast support of vocational careers for Orange County students

Annual Gift of Words to our 3rd Graders (Rotary Dictionary Project)

March 19, 2018....All the Third grade students at The Goshen Intermediate School received their very own Webster's Dictionary, donated by the members of the The Rotary Club of Goshen, NY. 
Goshen Rotarians Dick Durland, Rolly Peacock, Ed Garling, Mark Gargiulo, Cliff Kelsey, Allen Zick, Luis Santiago and Vince McCormack were escorted by Principal Jason Carter and Interim Elementary Coordinator Robert Siracuse as they visited each third grade classroom to give students their brand new dictionaries. Bilingual Spanish-speaking students also received a Spanish-English version.
Zick presented the students with information about how to use the dictionary to find out the definitions, spelling and pronunciation of words in the English language. The dictionaries will help students with vocabulary development, spelling, and increasing their word knowledge. Students also learned a bit of history about Noah Webster, who was a teacher in Goshen in the 1800s who created the Webster's Dictionary as a resource for his students.

Orange County Sheriff Carl DuBois talks on School Safety & Opioids

President O’Donnell introduced Sheriff DuBois to the club. The Sheriff opened by saying one of the topmost concerns in present-day law enforcement is the safety of students in school-settings. Sheriff DuBois noted that there are clearly no simple answers to this problem. Preparation and law enforcement visibility being two undeniable elements of risk minimization. The Orange County Sheriff’s Department has been hosting informational presentations open to business leaders, school administrators, and directors of houses of worship, etc. to help raise awareness and offer suggestions on how to maximize safety in these arenas. These presentations are free and have been very popular. Sheriff DuBois touched upon the pros and cons of a variety of related topics, including the idea of arming teachers, and the use of uniformed police (armed School Resource Officers) in schools.
Sheriff Dubois also discussed the opioid crisis, stating that the environment is flooded with these substances which are easily procured by those seeking them. Overdoses are rampant, so much so that reports on the use of Narcan (an opioid antidote drug) usage are no longer considered newsworthy.
Thursday, March 08, 2018 @ Delancey’s Restaurant

Rotarian Cliff Kelsey Honored for his Sixty Years of Rotary Service

Sixty years to the day of his induction - February 1, 1958.  Goshen Rotarian Cliff Kelsey, Jr. was honored by his club for his continuous service by Past Rotary Governor and club President-Elect  Ken Obremski, Cliff has exemplified the Rotary motto of "Service Above Self" and he continues to be a presence flipping hamburgers in his signature long-sleeved shirts during Goshen's Great American Weekend, helping prepare the annual Thanksgiving Community Dinner and in doing just about anything asked of him. Following the presentation Cliff remarked that the greatest gifts he has gotten back as a Rotarian are all the friendships he has made over the years.
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