Posted by Matt Gomm on Mar 08, 2018

Orange County Sheriff Carl DuBois talks on School Safety & Opioids

President O’Donnell introduced Sheriff DuBois to the club. The Sheriff opened by saying one of the topmost concerns in present-day law enforcement is the safety of students in school-settings. Sheriff DuBois noted that there are clearly no simple answers to this problem. Preparation and law enforcement visibility being two undeniable elements of risk minimization. The Orange County Sheriff’s Department has been hosting informational presentations open to business leaders, school administrators, and directors of houses of worship, etc. to help raise awareness and offer suggestions on how to maximize safety in these arenas. These presentations are free and have been very popular. Sheriff DuBois touched upon the pros and cons of a variety of related topics, including the idea of arming teachers, and the use of uniformed police (armed School Resource Officers) in schools.
Sheriff Dubois also discussed the opioid crisis, stating that the environment is flooded with these substances which are easily procured by those seeking them. Overdoses are rampant, so much so that reports on the use of Narcan (an opioid antidote drug) usage are no longer considered newsworthy.
Thursday, March 08, 2018 @ Delancey’s Restaurant