Posted on Feb 28, 2020

Jane's Purse Donations

  JANE MARIE UNHJEM  (July 31, 1952 - August 19, 2012)
  Goshen, NY...... Jane Marie Unhjem died August 19, 2012 in Stony Brook, NY, from injuries sustained in the crash of a small airplane.
 Jane was a resident of Goshen for more than 33 years. She started her teaching career at Scotchtown Avenue School in Goshen as a remedial reading teacher before becoming a classroom teacher in 1980. When she became the Reading Specialist in the school a year later, she started the popular "Parents as Reading Partners" program, which continues even today. As she returned to teaching after maternity leaves for the adoption of her daughter, Gayle, from Korea in 1985, and the birth of her son, Matthew, in 1987, Jane worked as a special education teacher and administrator for the Pine Bush School District. She then became Director of Staff Development for Monroe-Woodbury School District in 1998. She returned to Goshen Central School District as Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Development in 2004. Jane was a vibrant educator and leader with an infectious energy that affected everyone around her. In leading the instructional programs for Goshen, she was a passionate advocate for the music and arts programs, and took an active interest in all of the school's activities. She often referred to herself as the "assistant superintendent in charge of ushers and usherettes" at the district's various performances. She is remembered for her enthusiasm for her work, and radiant smile.
 Jane was very active in the Goshen Rotary Club, overseeing the international student exchange program and involved in the Rotary Youth Leadership Award program. As a strong believer in study abroad, she and her husband, Erik, hosted several international exchange program students from around the world. She had recently been awarded a Rotary Paul Harris Fellowship, and aspired to become the club's president. Jane was a devoted mother, a loving wife, and a treasured daughter and daughter-in-law. She is survived by her loving husband and college sweetheart, Erik; her daughter; Gayle and son; Matthew.
Heather Carman, Principal, C.J. Hooker Middle School accepts $200 check from Mark Gargiulo, Rotary President
Henry Freedman, Principal, Scotchtown Ave. Elementary School accepts $200 from Mark Gargiulo, Rotary President
Matthew Wentworth, Principal, Goshen Intermediate School accepts $200 from Mark Gargiulo, Rotary President