Posted by Vince McCormack on May 11, 2019

Braeside Camp CleanUp

We met once again at Braeside Camp to help out with their pre-camp cleanup. Leaf raking, weed pulling, rolling up the pool cover, area policing etc. Led by our fearless Chairlady, Doris we were coaxed into our endevours by the old standby Dunkin Donuts! Meeting with Our Club Members - Sonia Gonzalez, Harry Grout, Ron Klieverik, Vince McCormack, Pres Ken Obremski and Buzz Zingaro was the Breaside staff - Maria & Kelsey, some new friends from Walkill East - Tom Lawlor, from Walkill - Jamie Pucci, and from Newburgh - Pres. Deborah Sager.
EdNote: picture by's a phone not a camera!