Goshen Shares with Central Orange Sunrise Rotary; Museum Village Summer Educational Trip Project
Story by Natasha Tomlins, Central Orange Sunrise Rotary Club
Doris Obremski came to speak about Camp Braeside Project. The Goshen Rotary has been involved with the camp since the 1930’s, even have a cabin named after them. Over the years they have made shutters, painted walls and repaired floors and now their newest endeavor is the Museum Village Summer Educational Trip Project. The Project is spearheaded by Braeside Camp Director Craig Altman and PDG Doris Obremski. Braeside Camp exists in a beautiful and peaceful setting (an oasis in the heart of Middletown NY) The campus is complete with tall trees, rolling hills and a creek that wraps around the perimeter, all creating the perfect backdrop to the endless fun and frivolity that takes place here in the summer. Braeside Camp is a not for profit and is dedicated to providing an authentic, enriching and educational overnight camp experience for kids in the Orange County NY area. While the camp serves many children, it is dedicated especially to those that could not otherwise afford such an experience.
Museum Village Summer Educational Trip Project was developed to raise funding for entry fees and transportation for 4 different trips from 10am-2pm from Braeside Camp the Museum Village over the summer for each of the 4 two week sessions for 6-12 year old children to attend and experience hand-on exhibits while exploring and interpreting 19th century rural life as well as inspiring an appreciation for the evolution of industry and technology in America. Entry fees for 80 children to attend includes entry fee and transportation is of $4,360. Both Museum Village and Mid-City Transit have given discounts to contribute to this cause. If you would like to make a donation please contact Doris Obremski at845-294-9241 or email obremskid@gmail.com.