Dec 01, 2022
Thomas JV Cullen IV, Director of Operations, TCM

Thomas JV Cullen IV
Director of Operations


Tom IV was born into falconry. His father and mother have both been master falconers for his entire life and he began handling the birds that were bred at their house since he was able to walk. In 1996 at nine years of age, Tom became the youngest person to pass the NY State Falconers Exam with a score of 92%. After receiving his license he began to work for his father at his various falconry and bird management projects.

Tom had the privilege to attend and graduate from the prestigious New York Military Academy, located down the road from the USMA at West Point, where he learned disciple, strong work ethic, organizational skills, leadership techniques, and character skills that he uses today. He then studied zoology at the SUNY Oswego. He has also learned under the tutelage of biologists Dr. Heinz Meng (the first person to successfully breed Peregrine Falcons in captivity) and Dr. William Robinson, in the trapping and tagging of raptor species for over 20 years. He has since used his life experience to continue his fathers work and build TC Management's falconry and bird management services into the industry leader. Since taking over operations, TC Management has tackled the hardest pest bird jobs around the world, but most specifically one of the hardest environments in the world, New York City.