Mihai Andreca <mihai.andreca@yahoo.com> 2016

I hope you have been doing well! Thank you again for letting me visit the Rotary Club during one of your meetings in the summer. Below is a paragraph describing my activities up to date. I have also attached a picture of myself.
I currently attend Stony Brook University where I am pursuing a Biology major with a Spanish minor. I am in the process of applying to medical schools and have gained a lot of health care related experiences over the past few years, from shadowing to volunteering. Additionally, I was a part of the Stony Brook Global Medical Brigades, a group that traveled to Ghana and Nicaragua with a team of doctors to provide medicine and treatment to isolated villages. I have also had the opportunity to study abroad twice during my breaks, both in the United Kingdom and in Italy. Furthermore, while at my university, I engaged in research by studying genetic development in Drosophila and the effects that different proteins and transcription factors have upon it. Stony Brook has benefitted me in countless ways, and I hope to be able to expand upon the foundation it has provided me as I approach medical school.
Thank you so much for all that you have done for me. I look forward to hearing from you soon!
Warm regards,
Mihai Andreca